Forklift License Renewal

Key Reasons for Renewing Your Forklift License?

  • It has been 3 years since your last renewal
  • You have switched employers or jobs
  • Your employer has new or different machinery
  • You have had an accident with a forklift or powered industrial truck
  • You have been observed operating machinery incorrectly

How often do you have to renew your forklift license?

In short, you need to renew your license once every three (3) years as a minimum.

forklift license renewalThere are some other key requirements that will also dedicate when you must renew your license such as near misses, unsafe operation of a forklift, assignment to a new forklift etc.

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Who gives the forklift license renewal test?

To complete forklift training and testing you do not need to go through any official training or testing with OSHA professionals.

Employers and companies are allowed to appoint qualified employees to train and test their staff. Provided they are experienced with the machinery and know all the safety standards themselves, they are suitable for basic training and testing.

Pass/Fail Assessment

The appointed person(s) that is giving the training and testing will at their own discretion determine whether you have passed your forklift test or whether you need further training.

If you are observed to be competent and safe on the equipment, then you will be certified to operate a forklift. A record of your certification is held by the employer.

What if I Change Jobs?

As it is the responsibility of your employer to certify that you can operate powered forklift vehicles safety in their facility you may need to be retested or provide proof of training if you switch companies. Any training or experience that you have needs to be fairly recent and comprehensive in order to transfer across to a new role.

Depending on your experience and type of machinery that you are familiar with you may only need familiarization training with the specific safety standards for the new facility. A new employer may also request a practical test to check your skill level.

What is taught in a class for operators renewing their training?

If you are being asked to retrain and certify because you had an accident or were caught using the machine incorrectly, then you may be asked to go through complete training.

Your employer may also make changes on how things are to operate or there maybe changes in safety guidelines. In this case you will simply learn what is new and take a test on the new directives, if that applies.

You may also just go through training on elements you are performing incorrectly.

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