7 Tips to Selecting The Best Forklift Training Provider

Forklift accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in warehouses and distribution centers. That’s why it is so important that your employees know how to properly operate a forklift. If they don’t, then they could be putting ...
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How to Become a Forklift Driver?

Are you interested in becoming a certified forklift driver? Here are some things you need to know. The industry demand for certified forklift operators is high and will continue to be high because businesses will ALWAYS need to load and ...
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Forklift Certification California

To operate a forklift in California, one must first complete forklift training and pass tests in accordance with OSHA regulations. If you want your business or workplace operated safely and OSHA compliant then it’s important that all employees receive this ...
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How long does a forklift certification last?

As a forklift operator, you need to make sure your certification is up-to-date. But how long does a forklift certification last?   What do you need to do to renew it? What is a forklift certification? To operate a forklift, you ...
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Forklift Driver Salary Amazon

Ever wondered how much do Forklift Drivers make at Amazon? Depending on what type of forklift they’re operating and how much experience they have with the machine, forklift drivers at Amazon can make reasonable money with a pay scale ranging ...
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Forklift Certification Card

When operating a forklift, you are responsible for the safety of yourself, your co-workers, and the product you’re moving. To be a safe and certified operator, you must receive proper training and certification. This post will outline how to obtain ...
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Forklift Tip Over

Forklift tip overs can be a frightening experience. If you are a forklift operator, it is important to know what to do in the event of a tip over. If the forklift does roll your first reaction may be to ...
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Forklift Pedestrian Safety

A forklift is a workhorse on any distribution center floor, used to move product pallets and goods about the facility. But what happens when the operator of that forklift gets injured by another driver operating their vehicle? Or worse yet, ...
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Forklift Warehouse Accidents

Operating a forklift can be extremely dangerous. In fact, forklifts are involved in more than 100,000 accidents each year in the United States alone.  Forklift accidents happen and it’s why OSHA is so hot on compliance and forklift safety.  Each ...
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Forklift Safety Lights

Colored forklift safety lights make workers more noticeable when working at night or in dark areas. Generally, these lights consist of a blue light mounted on the front or the rear (or both) to alert pedestrians, and a red light ...
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